Celebrate: Autumn

Date: 09/13

With the coming of September, summer is slowly beginning to wind itself down.

The hot (and humid) weather loses its appeal as we start to think about cooler temperatures. Autumn is right around the corner, bringing with it a whole new color palette. The bright and lively colors of summer are being replaced with their less vibrant counterparts. Sunny yellow and grassy greens turn into rich gold and hearty hunter tones. And though the season for outdoor enjoyment may be coming to a close, we still draw much of our inspiration from the Great Outdoors.

The brisk Autumn air brings refreshment and a sense of calm. Energetic colors no longer fit with the serenity of the season. More subtle shades such as maize and pumpkin make their way into our homes. Taking cues from the fall harvest, colors are crisper and more earthy. But not all of this season's tones are diminished in vibrancy.

Just one look outside reveals a kaleidoscope of color. The fall foliage is especially influential in home decor. Spectacular shades of fiery red, amber and orange seem to set the trees alight. Mother Nature knows best- pairing these vivid colors with rich, warm browns and neutrals keeps us from being overwhelmed. Bringing life and zest to what may seem overly heavy and drab designs, the spicy shades of Autumn are invigorating.

Celebrate the coming Autumn season by embracing it and incorporating it into your home. Here you will find a few simple ways to begin transitioning into Autumn.

For the Living Room

  • 1. Freshen up the living room with new throw pillows and plush blankets.
  • 2. Add area rugs, even try layering them.
  • 3. Prepare the fireplace for use. Decorate the mantle.

For the Kitchen/Dining Room

  • 1. Place seasonal produce such as fruits or flowers in decorative bowls and vases.
  • 2. Change the table linens and napkins to match your fall kitchen decor.
  • 3. Use seatcovers or cushions to make the dining room seating appear more welcoming.

For the Bedroom

  • 1. Substitute thin sheets with something warmer like a soft flannel.
  • 2. Exchange the duvet for a quilt.
  • 3. Create a calming enviroment using candles with a relaxing scent like Cedarwood.

Throughout the Home

  • 1. Add mirrors to reflect interior lighting, swap out photo's or art to reflect the serenity of the season.
  • 2. Replace sheer curtains for a heavier material.
  • 3. Put out seasonal decor, some ideas are: wreathes, haybales, corn-stalks.

For the Patio/Deck

  • 1. Place warm wraps at each seat.
  • 2. Bring home autumn plants like Pansies and Mums to put in planters.
  • 3. Clean out the fire-pit and string clear globe lights to allow for a cozy space on cool nights.

Now you are ready for those revitilizing Autumn days (and nights!). Enjoy them while you can, winter will be here before you know it.