Celebrate: Thanksgiving

Date: 11/13

The celebration of Thanksgiving may have officially begun back in 1620 with the Pilgrims but the harvest feast can be dated to ancient times. Through the centuries, traditions have intermingled and grown into what we know today. While we remember the true meaning of the holiday, we all celebrate a little differently.

Giving thanks is first and foremost on our Thanksgiving holiday. Remembering our blessings and showing appreciation for all we have is important. The majority of us rush through our daily lives, which gives us all the more reason to slow down and enjoy time spent with loved ones on Thanksgiving. Sitting down to a delicious dinner allows us to reconnect with family and friends. Setting a beautiful and serene table helps us to realize the importance of this holiday. Below are a few tablescapes to inspire you.

The dining room may be the center of the celebration but many of us like to add the spirit of the holiday throughout our homes. Most popular is the fireplace mantel. Perfect for displaying nearly any decor, there are endless design ideas.

Following closely behind are hall tables and wall-mounted shelves. Smaller than the mantel, these spaces are simple to quickly dress for the holiday. Whatever your decorating preference is- modern, classic, natural or family-friendly, so long as it is true to you, there is no wrong design.

The traditional meal may be the highlight of the holiday but there are certainly plenty of other ways to celebrate. Stay home and relax while watching the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or get pumped up rooting for your favorite team while watching any (or all!) three football games. Looking for something more thrilling than football? Try going to the movie theater, chances are- they probably won't be too busy! If you prefer to enjoy the outdoors, check out a Turkey Trot marathon and burn off a few extra calories! Maybe you enjoy volunteering- the local food pantries and soup kitchens are always looking for extra help.

No matter what you choose to do on your Thanksgiving Day, remember to take a moment and give thanks.