Chroma Color: 2016 Colors of the Year

Date: 01/16

The ebb and flow of time has brought us to yet another new year.

Just like the downbeat after a crescendo, the peaceful lull after the holidays is an unexpected welcome. For many of us though, our creativity has peaked and our resources could use a much needed refresher. Saving us from the monotony of repetition, various color institutes and oriented businesses release color forecasts for the new year right as it unfolds. Sparkling, glistening, glowing tones, hues, and shades have been meticulously been combined to create palette's showcasing the new years trendiest colors. Pushing boundaries and breaking limits is en-pointe this year as society embraces a new mindset. Will these color palettes be embraced as whole-heartedly? Only time will tell.

Journey with us as we review what some of the biggest names in color have predicted for 2016.


Pantone Rose Quartz

Seaford 1 Peony
Northwood 4 Dogwood
Vendi 13 Blossom
Oldenburg 5 Quartz
Dragonfly 6 Blush

Pantone Serenity

Jammu 1 Lake
Clifton 10 Cornflower
Haviland 5 Harbor
Surpass 1 Blueberry
Xanadu 8 Periwinkle

For 2016 Pantone has pushed the boundaries for its Color of the Year selection. Opting for two shades instead of the traditional one, they have shown that the ambiguiety of color has directed them to their decision. Rose Quartz and Serenity rule the roost at Pantone for 2016, bringing passive yet persausive colors to the forefront. Compassionate and gentle, these two colors combine to challenge traditional color perceptions. Psychologically society refers to these shades as male and female yet as we embrace gender neutrality they have become less defining and more freeing. Balancing sweetness and warmth with tranquil coolness, Pantone's Colors of the Year are depicted to fulfill our yearning for reassurance and wellness within ourselves and our homes.


Glazebrook 3 Cream
Edison 1 Royal
Taste 2 Platinum
Haylen 1 Sand
Gorgeous 1 Snow

Benjamin Moore has a simple answer for their 2016 Color of the Year- Simply White. Clean, crisp and hinting at warmth, this is far from any ordinary white. Thought to be the epitome of a subtle and nuanced beauty, Simply White remains constantly level and neutral across a spectrum of environments. Transcending its generic image, here is a shade that is polarizing and powerful. Harmoniously pairing with any design, it is no surprise that Simply White is a perennial favorite.


Todd 29 Eggshell
Rudolf 1 Ivory
Forbes 1 Desert
Lovable 1 Desert
Midfield 6 Ivory

Not far off from Benjamin Moore's selection, Sherwin William's has chosen Alabaster as its 2016 Color of the Year. Offering a sense of solace and mindful relief, Alabaster is a neutral that is neither stark nor vibrant. A balancing shade, it coordinates cleanly with any palette whether it be traditional, transitional, or unusual. This adaptability modernizes and bridges this solid for use anywhere in the home. Restful and healing or chic and classy, Alabaster brings an oasis of simplicity.

And so the predictions have been made. While the absence of color seems to have made a large impact on this years forecasts, it is undeniable that color is a trend that ebbs and flows.