Chroma Color: White Hot- Part 6, Patio's & Porches

Date: 03/14

With Spring right around the corner, now is a great time to start preparing those patio's and porches for use.

The perfect place to entertain in nearly any weather, they offer the comforts of the indoors while maintaining the luxury of being outdoors. They are found in every style imaginable- from natural and garden-esque to spacious and modern. However, a common theme found in all outdoor entertaining spaces is the color white.

White has the ability to multitask without being obvious. First, it unifies the outdoor space with its neighboring interior, which allows for continuity throughout the home. White then also lends a neutral backdrop for any design style, making it simple to design your own personal space outdoors. Of which white creates a welcoming atmosphere with its inviting palette. From crisp, bright white to creamy, neutral tones- white is more than just one color. This variety gives it the ability to fit in perfectly with all outdoor designs.

Whatever your design preference, white is always a great starting point. Found commonly in Nature, it is only natural to use it in an outdoor space.