Chroma Color: Pantone Spring Forecast 2014

Date: 04/14

With the arrival of Spring comes also a slew of new trends, styles and of course- colors. A much welcomed change, these new concepts offer endless possibilities. As Spring slowly comes alive outside, these colors are meant to awaken and add life inside your home.

It is the idea of balancing the new vibrancy of Mother Nature with the solid and steady neutrals we are accustomed to that Pantone has striven to achieve with their Spring 2014 palette. Bringing stability as well as a sense of adventure, these colors reflect the beauty of the outdoors while boasting confidence and strength. Incorporating their Color of the Year, 'Radiant Orchid', Pantone has created a color scheme with 13 distinctly unique shades. Whether all of these will be seen making their way into our homes and lifestyles is anyone's guess but for now, let us enjoy their brilliance and the season for which they have been designed.

Below are Stout's representations of these remarkable colors. Click the photo for fabric information.