Chroma Color: Pantone Spring Forecast 2018

Date: 04/18

Complex colors create unexpected confidence in Pantone's Spring 2018 forecast.

Inspired by the fashion runway, Pantone's seasonal forecasts influence all aspects of design, from our wardrobe to our homes. As we rely on color to define ourselves, we unconciously begin to translate it into something tangible- emotions. This season Pantone has boldly broadened the opportunity for self-expression by constructing a multi-faceted palette consisting of 12 uplifting shades plus four foundational classics. A kaleidoscope of color, these are the hues that will encourage our emotions to drive us towards being more genuine with ourselves, to allow us the freedom to explore.

This Spring, Pantone wants us to redefine typical seasonal colors and experiment with complex confident shades. Playful and powerful, this forecast is wildly divergent from the norm, full of optimistic tones and invigorating hues that reinforces the vitality of Spring.

Peruse our interpretation of the Pantone Spring 2018 forecast below.

Gemma 5 Citrine
Unaware 1 Punch
Jammu 1 Lake
Hennessey 10 Ruby
Moresley 2 Iris
Fitzwater 1 Tearose
Emory 4 Seaglass
Detweiler 6 Mulberry
Madden 8 Cedar
Toulouse 8 Cameo
Jefferson 1 Wisteria
Tacoma 6 Lime
Manitoba 6 Navy
Oscar 3 Haze
Acorn 3 Cinnamon
Salon 4 Chalk