Chroma Color: Pantone Spring Forecast 2015

Date: 05/15

A refreshing revisualization of the Spring color palette is what Pantone introduced for its 2015 Spring color forecast.

Drawing from an 'en plein air' approach to design, these hues are distinctly uplifting without being obnoxious. Reminiscent of the Impressionist paintings that inspired it, this forecast unifies tempered brights and subtle pastels with naturally-inspired neutrals. Designed to encourage a technological disconnect, these tones purposefully work together to create a better sense of well-being. Their cheerful remembrances of folkloric and floral fancies combined with a tropical essence enliven our souls and begin transitioning us and our homes into the Spring and Summer seasons.

Allow yourself to daydream this season with Pantone's 2015 Spring Forecast.

See Stout's best visualizations of these colors below.