Chroma Color: White Hot- Part 2, Dining Rooms

Date: 10/13

White dining rooms are the epitome of clean and classic design.

Easy to work with, they allow any design to flow naturally. Whether your dining room is connected to another room or is simply a space in your floor plan, using white helps to differentiate the area from the rest of the home. Sitting down to a meal, no matter if it is a special holiday or just another day of the week, should be relaxing and offer you a chance to recharge as well as reconnect with your family.

Designing a white dining room may seem intimidating. Actually, it could not get any simpler. Wood tones of any shade bring texture as well as warmth. For a more modern appearance, accessorizing with black will always create a stunning visual. Pops of color and pattern play well together when working to create a unique and eclectic space. But the crispness of pure white matched with more white will exude a luxuriousness that will beckon everyone.

No matter what your preference is, white in the dining room creates the perfect ambiance for any meal.