Chroma Color: Pantone Fall Forecast 2017

Date: 10/17

As design and style evolve so too does color.

For the first time ever, Pantone has released two Fall/Winter forecasts. Evoking a sense of unity, these two forecasts make it evident that while we are all different we are also still very much the same. All of us in the creative market are influenced by Pantone's predictions, proof that something as simple as color can change the way we think, create, and even live.

The commonalities between these two forecasts bring a sense of togetherness while there is also a distinct individuality to each. New York trends warmer with comforting, enveloping colors. Shades that summon a traditional sense of season. Whereas London displays a stronger, more unpredictable palette. One that compliments with classic colors while also catching the eye by creating an unusual color dichotomy.

As Pantone stretches the boundaries of color, we ourselves are constantly changing how we interpret them. Forecasts such as these are a sign that we are ready to embrace change while also welcoming togetherness.

Here is how Stout translated these forecasts for the fall/winter 2017 season.


Chime 3 Raspberry
Trifecta 2 Primrose
Glint 28 Copper
Xanadu 8 Periwinkle
Tidings 1 Orchid
Hawkins 1 Brown
Swagger 4 Navy
Reform 1 Copper
Navodari 5 Topaz
Amistad 9 Brass

New York

Wahoo 1 Mango
Midge 2 Aubergine
Settler 2 Plum
Pavarotti 1 Cider
Swagger 4 Navy
Welby 6 Slate
Souffle 3 Jasmine
Upturn 3 Avocado
Clubhouse 11 Bristol
Louisiana 1 Tile