Company News: Recent Events

Date: 01/14

New Showroom

Recently, we have welcomed a new showroom to our ranks. Gladly we announce that Harsey & Harsey at the Stonemill Design Center has begun to showcase our line of products. This is our third location with Harsey & Harsey and we are thrilled to be expanding with them. Visit for more information.

Regional Sales Meeting

Back on December 12th 2013, we held a regional sales representative meeting here at our office location in Colmar. Gathering local sales reps, we reviewed many things including the newest products at Stout. A day spent here, they were introduced to and learned about our new performance fabrics. Each representative was given a demonstration package so be on the lookout for our launch of these products coming soon!

Sneak 'Peak' Performance Products

As our sales representatives learned, Stout has some exciting new 'performance' products. With a few new books due out later this winter, these performance fabrics are already generating quite a buzz! Including Crypton Home®, leathers treated with i-Clean™ technology, Sunbrella® as well as a new showroom-only Marcus William® line, these new collections are an exciting expansion to our inventory.