Company News: Sneak Peek- Spring 2015

Date: 02/15

While this winter may be getting you down, there are blue skies ahead! The dreary weather will not last forever and those sunny days are not far off. To help with the winter dol-drums here is a sneak-peak of our 2015 Spring collections!

Book 1383: Embroidery IV

Stout's 4th collection of exclusive embroideries features many selections on a multi-purpose base cloth of cotton or cotton linen.

Book 1384: The Naturals

Based on the popularity of our former book "Au Natural", Stout is introducing a follow up book which is both natural in color and fiber.

Book 1385: Take It Easy Indoor/Outdoor

A collection of high performance new designs that are constructed of Sunbrella® acrylic, Bella-Dura® proprietary polyolefin and a high UV polyester.

Books 1388-97: Rainbow Library 19

Stout has created a set of Multi-Purpose books that encompass a wide range of fabrics sorted by color.

Book 1398: Transformations Trim

This trim collection consists of a variety of selections, all crafted from heavy, textural yarns interwoven with lustrous lighter yarns, thus creating a unique glow.

Keep an eye out, these books are due to hit the streets sometime in March!