Company News: New Release - Summer 2013

Date: 08/13

Keeping true to the summer spirit, Stout released a handful of new books that were filled with life and lively colors.

Comfortable Living, Charisma, Book 1328

Let us allure you with Charisma, the newest addition to Comfortable Living. Featuring a southwestern flair, this collection will dazzle you with its dynamic patterns. The assortment of striking Ikat's and Florals in rich jewel tones is simply captivating. From eye-catching golds to fiesta reds, these fabrics will liven up any room!

Rainbow Library, Volume 17

Releasing just in time for summer, Stout's newest Rainbow Library collection is brimming with delightful patterns and prints. Find a kaleidoscope of colors to fill your home. Such an abundance of color offers inspiration for every palette. Bring the brilliance of summer indoors with a selection from one of the ten books.