Company News: New Release - Fall 2013

Date: 10/13

October was a thrilling month for Stout. With the debut of six collections there were plenty of treats to be had.

Art of Design® Embroideries III, Book 1327

Embrace luxurious embroideries in our third installment of Embroidery Expressions. Rich in detail, these fabrics are meant to be showcased.

Sunbrella® Collection, Book 1342

From animal prints to medallions, this indoor/outdoor compilation will give life to any outdoor area. Let out your wild side with Sunbrella at Stout. Find this collection at your local showroom.

Color My Window

Create a stunning view with one of our newest Color My Window drapery fabrics. A collection of three books, it offers the perfect fit for any window.

Comfortable Living

Refresh your home with a selection from our latest Comfortable Living collection. Lively prints and patterns in bold colors will add zest to any living space. Find your favorite in one of two books.

Art Of Design® Trim 2

Our newest additions to the Art of Design collection are four fabulous exclusive trim books. Find brilliantly crafted trim in each.


Accentuate your home with a choice from one of our two new exclusive trim books. Find a wonderful variety of tapes and borders in Accents. Its companion, Just Cords, delivers delightfully detailed lip cords.