Pattern Playfulness: Chevron

Date: 02/16

Having recently examined the intricacies of herringbone, it is only fitting that we now take a look into the details of the chevron pattern.

Defined as: "a figure, pattern, or object having the shape of a V or an inverted V" chevrons are graphically-speaking the most basic design. Notably different from herringbone, the chevron pattern consists of blocks with ends angled to be flush with its neighbor, creating its continuous 'zig-zag' pattern. Found on objects dating back centuries, the chevron design has grown from a cultural motif to a modern-day trend setter.

While the peak of chevron's popularity may have passed, it is still a strong contender in the design world. Ranging from ultra-modern to ethnic, chevron's have an uncanny ability to mix well with a variety of designs. Bringing together the refinement of stripes with the livliness of a geometric, the chevron pattern combines the best of these two worlds. With endless variations of this pattern are available, it should come as no surprise to see it in a diverse range of interiors.

Introducing chevron into your home, even now as the trend is cooling, is still a great way to incorporate a little perkiness without being overly graphic.

Below you will see a unique assortment of our own chevron patterns here at Stout.