Pattern Playfulness: Herringbone

Date: 12/15

There's something a little fishy about this pattern...

The herringbone design aptly derives its name from the Herring fish as the repetitive pattern of broken zigzags resembles its bony skeleton. Defined as two or more rows of parallel strokes slanting in alternate directions to form a series of parallel V's or zigzags, herringbone been around for countless centuries. This symmetrical pattern is typically considered a tweed, which is a closely woven woollen fabric with a flexible texture. The result of the fine herringbone weave is a quite durable fabric that has an added quality of also being moisture-resistant. A favorite among designers across the spectrum, herringbone is a quintessential textile that has shown its ability to endure through time.

Its symmetrical repeat offers strength and a unified design that effortlessly coordinates with most any interior. Generally available in earth bound shades, herringbone usually finds its way to the forefront of design during the Autumn and Winter months as its weave proves it to be more versatile than other selections. Its simple characteristics and natural tones make it a perfect fit for your home at this time of the year.

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