Trends: Divine Velvet

Date: 01/15

Velvet, the name itself conjures up images of magnificence and royalty.

Through countless centuries this extraordinary fabric has graced many homes of the affluent. Considered a trademark of the wealthy, velvet has acquired a noble aura. Its stunning appearance and luxurious texture have left a lasting impression on designers of all trades. Versatile yet elegant, velvet adds decadence to any design.

From living rooms to dining rooms and bedrooms, velvet is seen throughout the home. Today's advancements in textile technology have made velvet more accessible and family friendly. With various piles and fabric treatments, velvet is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Once thought to be tacky and over-done, this exquisite fabric has found itself a favorite among many once again.

Velvety 8 Smoke

Parent 1 Brownie

Letino 8 Purple

Letino 5 Ruby

Delphi 5 Navy

Chantilly 1 Platinum

Entice your guests with these divine selections of velvet from Stout.

Faraday 1 Harbor
Pageant 1 Peacock
Alarm 7 Cranberry
Parent 4 Silver
Folly 1 Seacrest
Algiers 3 Mocha
Defender 1 Pewter
Matisse 1 Rafia
Delphi 1 Pecan
Poise 1 Paprika