Trends: Dye Job

Date: 08/16

The organic nature of hand-dyed fabrics provides a resiliency that keeps it coming back into style.

Aside from the psychedelic tie-dye's that were proliferous through the 1960's and later, hand-dyed fabrics have always had a charming, natural appeal. The hand-made appearance lends them a bohemian, care-free character that effortlessly fits into nearly any home design. Slightly eclectic, these hand-dyed patterns certainly don't take themselves too seriously and add a touch of whimsy to whatever space they are in. Today's trend has embraced the easy-going attitude and nearly considers them a neutral, similar to a geometric or watercolor pattern.

Neutrals work well in any space but lack a sense of personality. Hand-dyed patterns draw us in with their human connection, knowing that it is a physical handicraft amazes us creating the desire to incorporate them into our personal spaces. The unfussy and refreshingly authentic presence of hand-dyed fabrics also attracts us to them. From bold and brazen to watery-wonders, these patterns offer a broad variety of options to complement any interior.

If you're looking to add a bit of hand-dyed delight into your home, here are a few of Stout's uncommonly exceptional offerings.