Trends: Television Inspiration

Date: 11/14

Inspiration can be found everywhere you look. From the great outdoors to the world wide web, inspiration is right in front of us.

Indulging ourselves in extravagent ideas is extremely easy given the availability of information. Television is a big factor in influencing our deepest desires. With such a collosal amount of ideas being offered at all hours of the day, turning fantasy into reality is becoming more feasible. From the home channels to prime-time programming, finding inspiration for your home has never been simpler.

Prime-time programming runs the gamut from family friendly to adult audiences. This allows for a diverse variety of interior designs to be shown. Playful, relaxed designs fill the sets of shows like 'Modern Family' and 'Parenthood'. While sultry, more streamlined interiors can be found in shows such as "Mad Men" and "The Good Wife". Designs spanning from classic and vintage to modern and contemporary are seen in today's most popular television shows. Being subjected to all these immaculately designed interiors explains why we tend to dream big when it comes to our own homes.

Today's interior design has never been more freeform, with the allowance of nearly any personal preferance to set your style. Creating your own fantasy home is as simple as watching your TV.

See how Stout can bring your television fantasy to life with these examples.

From the set of 'Bones', Booth and Brennan's first home.

Practical 3 Sand
Grand 35 Pacific
Turco 4 Caramel

From the set of 'Mad Men', Don and Megan Draper's Park Avenue, NY penthouse apartment.

Sinkler 1 Copper
Noseda 4 Black
Neophyte 3 Russet

From the set of 'Modern Family', the Dunphy home.

Serrana 2 Chalk
Kapoc 1 Robin
Hitchcock 1 Espresso

Also from the set of 'Modern Family', Cameron and Mitchell's home.

Lancaster 1 Sandstone
Parent 4 Silver
Exeter 1 Woodland