Trends: Enigmatic Green

Date: 11/16

They're dark. Mysterious. Moody and enigmatic. Deep, shadowy greens are unveiling themselves as a trending color palette.

Somewhere between mossy green, charcoal gray's, indigo, and black these new dusky greens are emerging, surprisingly full of life. Full-bodied and saturated or unlit and shady, the realm of enigmatic greens has found popularity as of late. The seasonal switch from lustrous vivids to polished jewel-tones enhances their appeal. Moody autumnal palettes benefit from the addition of these earthy, mineral shades of green. A striking new complement to the traditional warm tones of the season, the inky greens provide a new sense of regality and refinement. Pairing easily with almost any color scheme, the array of dimmed-down greens adds a sense of natural beauty to any design. From the warmer, almost golden-tinged moss tones to the cooler, more watery shades of hunter green, the trend of rich, saturated greens is a refreshing change from the usual metallic warmth we tend to embrace.

Incorporating a new sense of sophistication into our autumnal palette, deep greens also encompass a powerful characteristic. They are comforting in an earthy, nurturing way. These shades are far from out-spoken and are a safe-haven of sorts in a sea of coppery golds. These shades are easily relatable as we encounter them on a daily basis, therefore making them comforting to have at home. Whether as small touches here and there or as a whole design, these jewel-like greens are trending at the perfect time. Add some of their enigmatic brilliance to your home this season.

Here you will find a handful of our favorite deep, dark greens.